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In the beginning, there was...#1 shadow, no light no world and no war.

But something called "IDEA".
From it came Sense, Emotion and Will, and all together they built a realm of abstract existence, wich I call the "High Plane".

Now as all these children of IDEA were born, existing as infinite waveform,
they became tired. They wanted to be seen, and fealt and to be part
of a substancial existence, no longer bound to their High Plane, unable to
reach out to the space, where there was nothing yet, but raw and purposeless matter.

So Sense and its brothers and sisters were the first to take the long
road down to the planes ob substance, wich I call "Lower Realms".
And as they invaded matter for the first time a living body was created,
for Sense made the matter experience it's existence.

But what good can existence be, if it there's a whole lot to experience but nothing to gain from it?

And thus the Will was second to travel into the Lower Realms and to settle into the matter awakended by Sense. Now as that happened the
bodies saw themselfs and their being and for the first time the felt the urge
to aspire - to be more than they were.

And they did. What begann as simple atoms were soon flesh and blood
and a form was born - the human shape.

But there was still something missing. And thus Emotion made it's way from the High Plane into the Body of Men. But who would have expected
that the ability to feel could be so destructive. The first Emotions that emerged were hatred, envy and greed. And from there on it was a war waging over aeons...
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