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What makes us men

Calm struck me for my life was gone.
Days without purpose and weeks of total oblivion.

And now, now that my link to the High Plane has been renewed
I still don't feel as light as I used to.

And maybe that's because he, who I still can not call by name,
made me realize the part of life I lack, even more.

I just don't know.

I don't understand what's going on.
I'm without courage to express my deepest feelings.
I'm afraid to loose everything.

I want to stand at his side, where eagles fly on a mountain high.
I want to keep his good faith and not risk it on an idea, that may work or not.
I don't want him to be set under pressure by what I might want.
I want to be part of him and him to be part of me.
I want to be sure,
but i can't.

And thus I'm doing nothing at all...

But the simple truth is:

You are most likely the first, I ever had a crush on at first sight.
And how could I opress these feelings of mine, that are the most important truth I can give.

You are most likely the one person, I beleave to know, I beleave to understand and I belave to have a connection to.

You are one of the most important people in my life, for you give me clearity and riddle with one breath - making life easy, exciting and worthwhile.

You are the one person, that can make me feel like a child at christmas-eve, like the widdow in front of her husband's epitaph and like the Wikings, discovering a continent, no one had ever seen before,

You see, Sheeri, I still don't have the courage to talk about this face to face, but I know, that if I keep on carrying these feelings inside me,
not expressing them, I will die from the thought of my not having taken
chances that won't be there forever.

And now, last, but certainly not least, I want you to know, that your friendship means everything to me, and that I will never ever want to destroy it. Never. And thus, whatever you may say now, I will still be your friend.

I hope you're fine...
The Winds of South
6.9.07 00:13

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